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Build websites from Google sheets without writing code. In less than 5 minutes.

Start for free. No credit card required.

A NoCode website builder using Google Sheets

One sheet. Hundreds of configurations.

Build from Google Sheets

Make changes in Google Sheets, verify the changes and publish the changes. Select designs right from the Google sheets

Custom domains

Once you're ready, click through and make your website live on your custom domain. No one has to know it started as a Google Sheet

Chat Integration

Connect to Crisp chat or Drift chat and talk to your website live visitors. Other chat platforms like Intercom are supported as well.

Analytics Integration

Connect Google Analytics and see the live stats of your website. Other analytics platforms like Plausible Analytics, Fathom Analytics and Hotjar are supported as well.

Embed on external sites

Embed cards on external sites like Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace or on your own sites. Also supports search/filters on external sites.

External Javascripts

Embed external javascript into website to power up website with more additional features and functionality.

Powerful website builder on Google Sheets

Embed HTML, Maps, Forms on any page

On both home page and internal page, you can add markdown text, html text, html tables, Google maps or forms as well. All kinds of forms can supported. You can add a combination of these too.

Embed Cards on all pages

Embed cards on home page and internal pages too. Cards data can come from multiple sheets too. Multiple sheets data can be shown on same page or one sheet data can be shown on multiple pages.

Maintain cards in multiple sheets

You are free to maintain your cards data in multiple sheets. This is as same as having your own small databases that you can display on either home page or internal pages.

Write blogs from Google sheets

Now writing blogs is as easy as editing Google sheets. Connect your Google sheets and start writing your blog today. You can include images and emojis too :)

Configure minutest details

The minutest details of every element and section can be configured from Google sheets. Specific CSS classes can be assigned to elements. Each card can have its own colors too.

Display Videos in all pages

Display video on home page header and detailed pages headers is supported. We support both mp4 and webm formats. You can insert a Youtube video link as well.

Build lists easily

Build list of books, list of blogs, list of affiliates, list of companies, list of jobs, list of people, list of artists, list of tools, list of nocode startups, list of places to submit startup or list of pretty much anything.

Supports hundreds of Fonts

Supports all the Google fonts. Pick any font from Google fonts and its automatically taken care. Thats about more than 1000 fonts. This also includes fonts for about 135 languages.

Add Filters & Search functionality

Add the filter tags to cards. Set filters to display on home page or internal pages. Also comes with robust search functionality as well. Search can be set to display in Navbar, Header or in Body content.

Add images for Social Media Sharing

To increase the shares on social media, you can set a specific image for your site. This will eventually help you get more Tweets, Likes, Shares when you post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & other social platforms.

Saves hundreds of designing and coding hours

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Affordable Pricing

Powerful websites, simple pricing. Save hundreds of hours and dollars with Siteoly's no-code web design solution




Free forever

Build with Google sheets

Search & Filter functionality

1 Siteoly subdomain

Custom domains

Google Analytics

Chat with customers

Embed external scripts

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Build with Google Sheets

Search & Filter functionality

1 Siteoly subdomain

1 custom domain

Google Analytics Integration

Drift/Crisp chat integration

Embed external scripts

No Siteoly branding






Build with Google Sheets

Search & Filter functionality

1 Siteoly subdomain

3 custom domains

Google Analytics Integration

Drift/Crisp chat integration

Embed external scripts

No Siteoly branding

Embed cards on other sites

Just plug in your Google Sheets and publish your website.

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